SeekOPeek – Data Discovery Portal for Geo-Info


SeekOPeek is a Data Discovery Portal for Geo-Information. It combines the concepts of a search engine, a GIS viewer and a discussion board with focus on data.

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Search Features:

  • Helping workers to be more productive by enabling them to find data in the shortest time possible.
  • Keywords found in documents are highlighted.
  • Can filter out duplicate documents so that the resulting list is straightforward.
  • Quick searching will save thousands of man hours in a year !
  • Formats supported: Word, Excel, Powerpoint, PDF, Image (PNG,JPG,BMP,TIFF), Text (TXT,RTF), LAS, SEG-Y, ECLIPSE, ASCII, Shapefiles, Petrel projects
Geospatial View:

  • Allows the users to immediately browse map data.
  • This enables quick comparison between different maps and projects.
  • Changes or progress can be immediately picked up visually by toggling visibility of multiple layers.
  • Users can forget the days when they had to open many maps or projects individually to find the ONE file they are looking for.
  • Quick preview will save thousands of man hours in a year !

  • Communicate findings and opinions about documents such as data quality, master/official status and validity.
  • Add #hashtags and #like to rank documents better.
  • Contribute towards a better data discovery experience for the next user.
  • @notify and bring people into the discussion.
Risk Free:

  • Data Integrity: SeekOPeek only extracts and indexes data content. It does not modify existing documents.
  • Data Security: Access Rights and Securities are respected as per original filesystem implementation. System Admin retains full control without having to shift to a new security system.
  • Data Value: SeekOPeek doesn’t generate highly valuable data. If you decide to move to another incompatible system, the only data that you would lose are Tag Metadata and Comments. SeekOPeek real value is in providing an accessible, collaborative and accelerated data discovery process on top of existing infrastructures. Our products are aimed to make forward progress and are sustainable by design.
  • No Tie-In: When testing our installer, we made sure that it also uninstalls cleanly. A SeekOPeek installation lives in its own environment with no dependencies, so you don’t have many versions of the same libraries. Our only system requirement is a Windows 32-bit or 64-bit with more than 4 GB RAM.

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Hassan S