Well Log Digitizing Service

Contact us at sales@geo-zen.com in order to try our well log digitizing service

Well Log Digitizing Service by Geo-Zen: Cost-effective, User Friendly, Satisfaction Guaranteed

Geo-Zen provides professional well log digitizing service with quick turnaround and valuable result at affordable price.

ZenLog - Our Well Log Digitizing Service Software

We have the capability to perform well log digitizing service for the following log types:

  • Linear
  • Logarithmic
  • Irregular (Grain Size / Litholog)
  • Dipmeter

Paper well logs are first scanned into a readable bitmap format such as PNG, JPG, BMP, TIF or PDF. Our software can open any of these formats. Next, the image is loaded into the software for calibration, definition and digitizing purpose.

Calibration Stage

When well logs are combined together by geologists and engineers for operational analysis, they often run out of alignment and turn into a zigzag instead of a tall rectangle. The log axes must be made straight so that they can be analyzed as a rectangle chart. This process can be tedious. Our solution combines manual and automated calibration to save time.

Definition Stage

After the log and track shapes have been calibrated, the tracks and curves are picked and defined. The definition includes curve name, type, scale values, start and end depth, and etc. This stage is important as it has an influence over the log digitizing  process. Log types may be linear, logarithmic / resistivity, irregular or even dipmeter / tadpole.

Digitizing Stage

Once all log parameters have been defined, the curves can now be digitized. This involves picking the curves at varying depths. Our software automatically converts the picked coordinates into useful log values. Again, manual picking, semi-auto and automated picking options are available according to the client’s requirement and preference.

Quality Control

As part of the well log digitizing service, QC visualization or report may be produced to assist users to get assuring results out of the task. The digitized curve or points can be laid side-by-side to the original log image for comparison. Pick coverage percentage, curve pen color and other statistical results are also made available.

Contact us at sales@geo-zen.com in order to try our well log digitizing service

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